The girls who were brought under our care to avoid child marriage at different minor age

Since 2006 when we started our empowerment centre and slowly build a base of non formal education for drop outs, adult education for working women, legal counselling centre and awareness street theatre for very effective interventions in the local area. Our programs empower girls with information, skills and support networks which enable self-advocacy and self esteem among the girls.

Above Sixteen young girls from economically weaker section were at the verge of early marriage between the age of 14 and 16, but due to our intervention marriages were stalled and these young girls joined our various initiatives/programmes and continued their education. All of above girls now are above minimum legal marriageable age. Few are in useful occupation and few are happily married.


1. Since inception integrated project of awareness cum sustainability and socio legal empowerment training at our office to empower women. Components are:

A. Illiterate/semiliterate helps/Ayah / Vendors: Trained for their requirement in everyday interaction, improving awareness and right to access against manifold exploitation- 293 women so far.

B. Drop out girls of domestic helps or daily wage earners: prepared for secondary examination of NIOS: -26 girls so far

C. School or college students/graduated unemployed/employed adult girl: empowered and made employable through following curriculum:-120 young girls so far

Communication (Spoken English/Vernacular) and Soft Skill Project: SHE conducts Spoken English classes. Training on the language is imparted through extensive conversations, audio-visual aids. It not only prepares the girls for prestigious employment but also elevates their social capital. In the coaching classes new social spaces are created that help them question the gender inequalities they face in life, to look for new role models and to forge new ambitions that break stereotypical aspirations such as early marriage.

ICT Project: In a knowledge society, access to Information Communication Technology is another vital ingredient of empowerment. SHE has a make shift ICT centre. A founder member has allowed his office computers/laptops after 6 PM on Saturday and on Sunday morning in his office.

ADULT EDUCATION PROJECT: A large proportion of the target group remains illiterate. SHE has adopted the guidelines of the National Literacy Mission to educate adult females who feel the need to become literates. Classes are held twice a week. (One girl has already passed Madhyamik Examination through Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya and three are in the process of appearing the exams.

NURSING TRAINING PROJECT: SHE also strives to empower the socio-economic destiny of the target group by training them in various ways. Eligible candidates are sponsored for the Home Nursing Training Programme conducted by the St. John Ambulance Association, West Bengal.

INCOME GENERATION PROGRAM: The girls under the aegis of SHE’s outreach activities, are being trained in tailoring and embroidery, which have a ready market and also a high demand in the fashion industry. Self Help Groups will be formed, under which the girls will create their own market and ensure sales of their products.

2. Socio-legal workshop interactive discourse and Theatre/Street theatre Performance Project as tool for the Empowerment of Women

Introduction Women are always deprived in the society as well as in the boundary of family. This deprivation is over all. Gender inequality has been a curse for the human kind. As women are physically weak people exploit this opportunity. Women have another innate disadvantage-- “THEY CAN BE PREGNANT WITHOUT THEIR WILL AND IN ADVERSE SITUATION.”
This threat dominates women and is an impediment to the advancement of women. The agenda of SHE is to make women from all strata of society powerful. They should not yield to any bully. Performing street theatres by direct participation of under privileged girls in the character roles to propagate the message of legal rights for women, to far reaching an audience who can identify themselves with the characters depicted by our underprivileged girls performing song, dance and a humour-filled drama. What matters most is taking the message of legal and social rights for women, to far reaching an audience as possible. The scripts for following topics are comic, humane and delightful renditions, where the legal jargon is conveyed through tales from everyday lives. What also matters is the participation of the girls in a process of simultaneous empowerment. They are our knowledge workers who take the message across.

Each of following topics is scripted in to separate drama to convey the various aspects of the social evils:
♦ Article 498A
♦ Bigamy
♦Pre Natal Diagnostic technique Prevention and misuse ACT 1984
♦ Dowry
♦ Child marriage
♦ Sexual harassment on women at work place
♦ Industrialization & its benefit Through participations in these theatres

SHE also making its women aware of their:
♦ Human rights.
♦ Social and economic responsibilities in the society.
♦ Cultural participation
♦ Health & hygiene responsibilities and attitude of independent access to health system.
♦ And also instilling--Leadership, Courage and confidence

Our street theatres are so all pervasive that we were invited thrice by Vidyasagar mela authority of West Bengal. And Ministry of Culture through grant in aid of TCGS sponsored our: Project “Tagore’s Short Stories-A Search for Gender Equality (Seminar & Theatre performance). Outreach These street theatres so far performed at several rural, urban and fair locations. We have already reached more than 50000 women. Our target in the continuing project is to reach about 8000 households by first quarter 2019.

3. Book Publication Book titled-“Nari Surakhha Aain” for women rights, Gender Equality, empowering women published under sponsorship of Ministry of Law & Justice, Official Language Wing. Book is a vast success to empower women about their legal provisions about 750 prints are distributed so far.

4. Developing soft skill and spoken English proficiency among Heritage Artisans of West Bengal.

Through Global Communication Skill Project We have completed three months programme in the Potua village ‘Naya’ of Pingla Block, West Medinipur district, West Bengal. Now we are executing the programme in three the eleven Heritage Craft Artisan Hubs of West Bengal. If proper funds are available we will extend the programme to rest of the hubs of West Bengal and in other States.

Four under privileged college girls who have been trained by us have in turn successfully trained the illiterate or semiliterate artisans in spoken English and mannered communication in Global Scenario.

The curriculum was designed specifically to address the needs of the illiterate/semiliterate Heritage Artisan community so that they are able to better interact with and get the best prices from their huge foreign clientele.

The intervention programme running by SHE are interweaving chain of understanding to bring about total revelation as much as the organizers of Vidyasagar mela invited us to perform these legal awareness street theatres for three years in their famous melas and they have issued us certificate of appreciation in all these years.


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