Shelter for Her Empowerment (SHE) is a not-for-profit organisation(NGO), registered under the Societies Act, India, (Reg no: Registration No. S/IL/31338 of 2005-2006 Under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961) in the year 2005. We are people-centric, have experienced in the field of women empowerment and have a planned approach to developmental activities with a specific focus on Gender Inequality and the welfare and rights of the vulnerable groups of women and children in society. The very name of the society refers that it is for the strength and power of women and girls.


    The mission of our organisation is pragmatic, contemporary and always thriving and precise in total Eradication of Gender Inequality/Disparity and stop exploitation of women/girl child through empowerment of women.

    The mission, which has been created through years of struggle and understanding, is fixed forever and hardly there is any chance of deviation. Therefore, the mission of our organisation is fixed, permanent, unchanging and obviously simple.

    While treading on this path, we have further strengthened our mission of women empowerment as follows:

    ♦ Educate a woman and instill knowledge in her.

    ♦ Impart practical knowledge about the basic legal rights and remedies as provided under various women related laws, thereby making her fit to face the challenges in real life situations. 

    ♦ Promote sustainable environment through awareness on energy and resource management among women.

    ♦ Adult education and interpersonal skill/communication skill development among women according to socio-economic dynamics of the world; we deliberate to micro adjust the mission to keep pace with the world dynamics. In this process, we cope up with the reality around us.


    The vision of SHE is “socio-legal and economic empowerment for women”

    It is derived from the concept of the Cultural Paradigm of Development that lays stress on awareness, Legal Rights, Education, Skills, Technology, Political, Participation, Identity, Sustainability, Self–reliance and Asset Base.

    Shelter for Her Empowerment detects that awareness is power. The very name of the society refers that it is for the strength and power of women and girls.


    ♦ Knowledge is power. Women are getting knowledge with which they are capable to fight the social evils.

    ♦ Contributing to the fulfillment of the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of women and girls.

    ♦ Building a society in which women and men share equally in the distribution of power and influence.

    ♦ Poverty alleviation focusing on reducing morbidity and mortality, ensuring access to safe water, energy, environmental sanitation and health care services and facilities.

    ♦ Creating a Utopian society highly productive, frugal, hygienic and sustainable..